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The first brick, according to historians, was made in ancient China. In the Ancient East, the brick had a peculiar shape of clay bottles and resembled modern loaves of white bread. In the central Chinese province of Hunan, during the excavation of the graves of the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220 AD) archaeologists discovered an ancient brick on the surface of which was visible the inscription: "Buy my bricks. They will bring happiness and are not at all expensive. " By its design, the Great Wall of China, stretching for many thousands of kilometers across the territory of China, represents two brick walls on a stone foundation, the distance between which at the base is 6 m. For greater stability of the construction, the walls approach approx. 0.5 m. The space between the bearing walls is filled Densely packed with clay. The main material for the construction of the Great Wall of China was a ceramic brick, which was made of clay mixed with straw, by pressing and molding by hand. The ceramic bricks were dried using solar heat. They burned it in an uncomplicated way: they lined with straw and set fire to it. The technological process, which was used to produce ceramic brick during the construction of the Great Wall of China, was simple. A group of scientists who have studied ceramic bricks from a separate part of the Great Wall of China these days were shocked by the results of laboratory experiments: this brick was subjected to severe toughness tests, which survived with dignity and remained unscathed. Scientists have discovered an amazing fact: the ancient Chinese ceramic brick is able to withstand the loads, which in our time are able to withstand only reinforced concrete structures. Until now, it remains a mystery how bricks made using primitive technology have such phenomenal properties. Potential strength, enclosed in the ancient ceramic bricks, would envy many technological bases of modern production, which produce building ceramic bricks today. Unfortunately, the modern brick and technology of its manufacture do not always show such brilliant results, as it was in ancient China. The oldest type of bricks in the western hemisphere is the adobe, which was made of calcareous porous clay with the addition of resin, quartz and other minerals, and then left to dry in the sun. Lime porous clay can be found in dry regions around the world, but it is mainly mined in Central America, Mexico and the southwestern United States of America. Some of the pyramids created by the Aztecs from adobe exist up to now. LLC "JBI - Wolf" sells ceramic brick and stone in Saransk and Mordovia. The price is below the manufacturer's factory !!!

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